Prod Cars 1900-1934
Prod Cars 1935-1939
Prod Cars 1940-1948
Prod Cars 1949-1954
Prod Cars 1955-1957
Prod Cars 1958-1961
Prod Cars 1962-1968
Prod Cars 1969-1972
Prod Cars 1973-1984
Prod Cars 1985-1990

Past Ankokas Events Galleries . . .

2019 Charter Luncheon

Ankokas held its 55th annual Charter Luncheon on March 24, 2019 at the Merchantville Country Club. Here are a few pictures from a day filled with great company, great food, and a few surprises.

2018 Ankokas Holiday Party

The 2018 Holiday season has officially begun with our annual Ankokas Holiday party. Held at The Madison in Riverside NJ, and hosted by Tom and Carol Mclarney, everyone enjoyed a fun filled evening of food, music, dancing, and spending time with friends. Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Haddonfield Show 2018 Choice Awards

Our first group of award winners are our Sponsor Choice and Memorial awards. In memory of our Past President and Ankokas member M. Allan Vogelson who past away this summer, his daughter Sharon presented a memorial award. Our sponsors Cherry Hill Dodge, TD Bank, AutoParts Connection - NAPA, Hainesport Enterprises, and Top Line Company Granite King Counter Tops each present an award to the car of their choice. Haddonfield Mayor Neil Rochford presented his Mayor Choice award to conclude the days events. The family of long time show participant Roy Peters, who passed away recently, presented a tribute display of Roy's cars. Chief Judge and Ankokas Vice President Carl Villone presented the awards to all recipients.

Haddonfield show 2018 Class 1 to 6 winners

Class 1 Fords 1918 to 1931. Class 2 vehicles 1919 to 1939. Class 3 vehicles 1940 to 1949. Class 4 vehicles 1950 to 1956. Class 5 vehicles 1957 to 1959. Class 6 vehicles 1960 to 1962. Chief Judge Carl Villone presented awards to the car owners.

Haddonfield show 2018 Class 7 to 12 winners

Class 7 vehicles 1963 to 1964. Class 8 vehicles 1965. Class 9 vehicles 1966. Class 10 vehicles 1967 to 1969. Class 11 vehicles 1970 to 1972. Class 12 vehicles 1973 to 1993.

Haddonfield Show 2018 classes 13 through 16

Class 13A Historic Preservation of Original Features (HPOF) to 1955. Class 13B HPOF vehicles 1956 to 1993. Class 14 is trucks, fire engines, and military vehicles. Class 15 all foreign cars. Class 16A is cars of Ankokas members up to 1960. Class 16B is cars of Ankokas members 1961 to 1993. Ankokas member cars are judged in their own classes, separate from other cars.

Haddonfield Show 2018 classes 17 and 18

Vehicles in classes 17 and 18 are not judged. Class 17 vehicles are those that have received Senior Awards in AACA, CCCA, VMCA, HCCA, NCRS, or other national car clubs. They receive a plaque in recognition of their achievements. Class 18 is our Feature Class. Each year our show features something different. This year we featured vehicles that are over 100 years old, and each receives a special award.

Other highlights from the Haddonfield Show 2018

Here are some of the other highlights of the 2018 Ankokas Haddonfield show.

Ankokas 2018 Tailgate Meeting

On June 8, 2018, Ankokas held its annual Tailgate Meeting and Picnic. For the third year, the event was held at Johnson's Farm during their Friday cruise night and BBQ. With over 20 Ankokas cars adding to the over 200 other attendees, the cruise was packed with good cars and great friends. Check out the pictures of Ankokas members eating food and having fun.

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