Prod Cars 1900-1934
Prod Cars 1935-1939
Prod Cars 1940-1948
Prod Cars 1949-1954
Prod Cars 1955-1957
Prod Cars 1958-1961
Prod Cars 1962-1968
Prod Cars 1969-1972
Prod Cars 1973-1984
Prod Cars 1985-1990

Past Ankokas Events Galleries . . .

American Treasure Tour

On February 17, 2018, Ankokas members visited the American Treasure Tour. They feature a collection of miniature circuses and sideshow art, classic automobiles, and a variety of twentieth century pop culture items. They have hundreds of nickelodeons and band organs from Wurlitzer, Seeburg, and Link, as well as model airplanes, movie posters and record albums, music boxes, dolls and dollhouses, the list goes on and on. Tours include a tram ride through the collection, that's how large it is. The museum is larger than than a dozen super Wal-Mart stores put together. The Treasure Tour is located at One American Treasure Way, Oaks, PA 19456, next to the Oaks Expo Center. (Photos by Kathy Petters)

Annual AACA Meeting 2018

The AACA held it's annual meeting in Philadelphia February 8 to 10, 2018. Several Ankokas members attended the two day event, with vice president Carl Villone presenting a seminar on 'AACA Judging for Vehicle Owners'. Judging school, business meeting, and the Awards banquet capped off a busy Saturday. Here a few pictures of the weekend.

2017 Ankokas Holiday Party

The 2017 Holiday season has officially begun with our annual Ankokas Holiday party. Held at The Madison in Riverside NJ, and hosted by Tom and Carol Mclarney, everyone enjoyed a fun filled evening of food, music, dancing, and spending time with friends. Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

2017 Annual Breakfast Meeting

On November 11, 2017, the club met at Ponzio's Diner for our annual Breakfast Meeting. Over 35 members came out to enjoy good food, good company, and hear about some new tours being planned for 2018.
ANKOKAS at ManorCare
On October 19, Ankokas was invited to brighten the day of the residents of ManonCare Rehabilitation and Nursing in Voorhees by bringing our cars out for a display. ManorCare provided lunch for us and had music with a singer to add to the party. Bob and Kathy Petters, Sam Mento, Coles Roberts, Steve and Joanne Poset, Tom and Carol McLarney, Bill Marter, Bruce Prichard, Mike Cooper and Carl Grossman brought cars. Great weather and beautiful cars brought lots of smiles to the residents. Thank you all for attending.

Haddonfield Show 2017 Choice Awards

Our first group of award winners are our Sponsor Choice and Memorial awards. In memory of our founding Ankokas member, the Bill Sutton award is is presented to early year vehicles. The Ella Hanson award is presented to later year vehicles. Our sponsors Cherry Hill Dodge, TD Bank, AutoParts Connection - NAPA, and Top Line Company Granite King Counter Tops each present an award to the car of their choice. Haddonfield Mayor Neil Rochford presented his Mayor Choice award to conclude the days events.

Haddonfield Show 2017 Class 1 through 6 Winners

Class 1 Fords 1918 to 1931. Class 2 vehicles 1918 to 1939. Class 3 vehicles 1940 to 1949. Class 4 vehicles 1950 to 1956. Class 5 vehicles 1957 to 1959. Class 6 vehicles 1960 to 1962.

Haddonfield Show Class 7 through 12 winners

Class 7 vehicles 1963 to 1964. Class 8 vehicles 1965. Class 9 vehicles 1966. Class 10 vehicles 1967 to 1969. Class 11 vehicles 1970 to 1972. Class 12 vehicles 1973 to 1992.

Haddonfield Show 2017 classes 13 through 16

Class 13A Historic Preservation of Original Features (HPOF) to 1955. Class 13B HPOF vehicles 1956 to 1992. Class 14 trucks, fire engines, and military vehicles. Class 15 all foreign cars. Class 16A is cars of Ankokas members up to 1960. Class 16B is cars of Ankokas members 1961 to 1992. Ankokas member cars are judged in their own classes, separate from other cars.

Haddonfield Show 2017 Classes 17 and 18

Vehicles in classes 17 and 18 are not judged. Class 17 vehicles are those that have received Senior Awards in AACA, CCCA, VMCA, HCCA, NCRS, or other national car clubs. They receive a plaque in recognition of their achievements. Class 18 is our Feature Class. Each year our show features something different. This year we featured vehicles that are over 100 years old, and each is awarded a Thank You plaque.

2017 Peach Festival

The 2017 Mt. Laurel Friends Meeting House Peach Festival was held at the Friends Meeting House on August 5, 2017. Ankokas was invited to bring our cars for display. President Kathy Petters and many other members were in attendance to enjoy peach cake, peach ice cream, other food and music, a cool summer evening, and a large crowd of people who all enjoyed seeing our cars. The annual event is held on the first Saturday in August. Mark your calendar now for next year's festival.
Ankokas Car Display at Avista Healthcare
On Wednesday August 16, 2017, Ankokas brought a display of cars to Avista Healthcare to brighten the day of the residents and patients of the facility. Steve and Joanne Poset were there with their 1961 Triumph T3A, Jeff Schulte brought his 1947 Buick Super convertible, Bruce Prichard drove his 1950 Oldsmobile 98, Coles Roberts brought his 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster, Carl Grossman drove up in his 1967 Corvette, Bob and Kathy Petters brought their green 1953 Oldsmobile convertible, and Mike Cooper had his 1972 Mustang Sprint. The Activities Director, Maria Gommel, had tents and tables set up and a grill going cooking hotdogs. A DJ was playing appropriate oldies music. The residents thoroughly enjoyed the cars and the hot dogs! Many pictures were taken with Joanne and Steves little dog in the arms of one or two of the residents.

2017 Tailgate Meeting

The Ankokas 2017 Annual Tailgate meeting was again held at Johnson's Farm Friday night BBQ and car cruise on June 9, 2017. The weather was great, the food was delicious, and the company was spectacular. A good turnout with friends made for a fun filled evening.

Victorian Times 2017

Ankokas was asked to display a few of our cars at Victorian Times at Smithville Mansion 2017. The event was held on May 7, but the weather felt more like March, with off and on showers and high temperatures in the upper 50's. Despite the weather, the Victorian Times event was fun for the whole family. Musical performers, food, mansion tours, victorian games, and strolling entertainers made for a nice day for all.

Ankokas Charter Luncheon 2017

Ankokas held it's 53rd Annual Charter Luncheon on April 30, 2017. Hosted by Tom and Carol Amendola at their home, over 50 club members attended the party. Many members brought their antique car, creating our own mini car show. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the Frank Hankins Memorial Award. Great food and great friends made for a wonderful fun filled day. Check out the pictures.

Ankokas plays with toys

On March 25, 2017, Ankokas toured the New Jersey State Museum to see the Toy World exhibit. The exhibit spotlights the history and innovation of toy manufacturing in New Jersey. Lionel model trains, Remco, Hot Wheels, Monopoly, doll houses, tin toys, the list of makers and toys goes on and on. In addition to toys, the State Museum follows the history of New Jersey's archeology and ethnography, it's culture, natural history, and works from the state's 17th through 20th century fine artists. And if that wasn't enough, you can zoom through the solar system in the planetarium with shows for children and adults. Check out some of the pictures of our visit by clicking the title above this paragraph.

Haddonfield Show 2016 Highlights

Here are a few highlights of our 2016 Haddonfield 30th anniversary show. Pictures and listing of all show winners are in the gallery below this one.

Atlantic City Pipe Organ Tour

Here are a few pictures from our tour of the pipe organ built into the Atlantic City Convention Hall. Built in 1932, this pipe organ is the largest pipe organ in the world, and the largest musical instrument int he world. The organ has been undergoing a massive renovation for many years. 25% of the organ is working now. Another 25% will be brought back into service on July 1st, 2016. Free tours inside the organ, and a free concert, are offered every Wednesday at 10:00 am. It is well worth the trip to see and hear this massive organ in action.

2016 Charter Luncheon

In case you missed the event, here are some pictures from the 2016 Charter Luncheon. Everyone had a great time. See for yourself.

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